Trying to Sell Your Business? Make Sure You Know What It's Worth

The Billings Gazette recently published an article on valuation and the general M&A market in Montana. Below are a few excerpts with quotes from our President, Bryce DeGroot. The full article can be found here

DeGroot said buyers from both inside and outside the state have taken an interest in Montana business. “It ranges from individual buyers who want a profitable lifestyle business, to Fortune 500 companies seeking to expand,” he said.

DeGroot said valuations for Montana businesses have been strong lately because of interest from buyers. “Right now, I would call it a seller’s market,” he said.

“The common culprit is unrealistic expectations and a lack of planning,” DeGroot said. “It’s is easy to focus on daily operations and not think like a buyer. The best way to avoid a discounted value or a failed attempt to sell is to plan carefully in advance.” He recommends starting exit planning three years in advance.