Announcing the Sale of Executive Services


September 10, 2014– P4 Marketing Group acquired Executive Services of Bozeman, Montana on August 22, 2014. This acquisition will expand P4’s offerings to include comprehensive mailing solutions and enhanced printing capability. Executive Services will operate as a division of P4 Marketing Group, which is owned by Jamey and Kylie Perlinski of Bozeman. “We are very excited and proud to inherit the legacy of exemplary service that Executive Services’ customers have come to enjoy,” said Jamey Perlinksi, President of P4 Marketing Group.

Kylie Perlinski, Vice President of P4, explained that they were interested in the business because “Executive Services is the leading mailing company in Southwest Montana, which is complemented by strong printing capability. The Executive team has done a great job building a business that serves clients throughout Montana.”

Dean Halse, former President of Executive Services, said, “We are confident the Perlinski’s leadership will guide Executive Services to new heights. We are thrilled to be passing the torch to such a well qualified couple who care so greatly about Executive Services’ customers and employees.”

According to Ann Halse, former vice President of Executive Services, the selling shareholders “will be working side-by-side with the buyers to help ensure a smooth transition.”

Compass Advisors represented Executive Services as its M&A advisor in the transaction. “This transaction is a natural fit for all parties," said Bryce DeGroot, President of Compass Advisors, “We are thrilled to see our clients exit their company and realize the fruit of their labors, while allowing the company to continue to thrive and grow under new management.”

Compass Advisors is an M&A advisory firm devoted to helping business owners successfully exit their companies and capture the proceeds of their life investment. Compass has completed over 140 transactions in several industries.