The Exit: Options for Montana Entrepreneurs

This article, written by Bryce DeGroot, was originally published in the Montana High Tech Alliance newsletter. 

Entrepreneurs are visionary leaders who are driven by ideas and execution. They are intensely devoted to building their company.  It should come as no surprise that most business owners spend little time planning for the inevitable fact that they will someday exit their company.

The decision to sell a company or a share of equity can be driven by personal goals such as retirement, the need to free up time or capital for the next venture, or business strategy.

The best exit strategy weaves together the company’s growth strategy and long-term exit planning into an outcome that maximizes value and achieves the shareholder’s personal goals.

Thinking of Starting a Business? Think Montana.

In a recent article on CNN, Montana was named the state with the most startup activity. People are starting to see the bountiful opportunities Montana presents. The article begins:  

Montana has fast become the no. 1 state for startup activity, according to the annual Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity, having raced to the top spot this year from a 17th-place ranking a year earlier

This is encouraging news for business owners.  

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