Acquisitions are one of the quickest ways to grow if you have the right strategy and implementation. When you acquire the right company and manage it well, you can gain people, products, service offerings, technology, and revenue. 

COMPASS ADVISORS serves as buy-side advisor to companies and investors who are actively committed to specific investment criteria. We identify opportunities both on and off the market, investigate the fit, and guide the process all the way to closing.

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Case Study - MTBC, Inc.

COMPASS ADVISORS brought in the next acquisition for MTBC 

Before going public on the NASDAQ, MTBC Inc. needed to grow. As a leading software and healthcare revenue cycle management company, part of their growth strategy included acquiring medical billing companies.

After acquiring one of our clients, MTBC engaged us to help them find their next acquisition. 

After discussing detailed investment criteria and strategy, we set out with one mission: find acquisition opportunities. After scouring the market, we identified numerous acquisition candidates for MTBC. They selected Metro Medical Management, based in New York City, as the best fit company. The transaction was completed in 2013. 

We helped identify and source acquisition targets, facilitate requisite financial and client information, and managed key aspects of negotiation.


  • 2 Acquisitions.
  • Acquired new customers.
  • Added revenue.
  • Increased growth rate.

Disclaimer: This website or services from Compass Advisors does not guarantee or make any representation whatsoever of accomplishing an acquisition.