Exit planning is engaging in purposeful action to build and realize Peak Value.

Our experience has taught us – and the market has proven – that the most prepared companies are the most valuable companies.

Our Exit Planning approach has a focused objective. We help position your company for an optimal sale. We know what buyers demand and which factors contribute to reaching a premium price and ideal transition.

The most prepared companies are the most valuable companies.

We've seen the price discounted or a failed transaction due to a weak management team, poor financial reporting, supplier dependence, high customer concentration, and many other factors. With purposeful exit planning, most of these pitfalls can be avoided. 

Risk has a lot to do with familiarity. A buyer sees more risk in your company than you do, and their valuation will reflect that. Our goal is to help you minimize risk by viewing your company from the perspective of a buyer.  

Often, we help business owners: 

  • Build a sustainable management team 
  • Improve financial management
  • Lower risk
  • Build an exit roadmap
  • Execute key strategic initiatives
  • Connect with key resources to help them overcome growth hurdles
Two years prior to selling, we hired Compass Advisors to assess our readiness for a sale, identify ways to increase our value, and lower risk. Bill Harn and Bryce DeGroot helped us to focus our efforts to achieve our goals.
— Rob and Kimera Saunders, Western Builders Supply

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Disclaimer: This website or services from Compass Advisors does not guarantee or make any representation whatsoever that a company is salable, that a company has any value, that a company's value will increase, or that the owners will receive any offers or funds.