Your largest asset deserves a winning strategy

Building a company requires a big investment of time and capital.

We believe successfully selling our clients’ largest asset deserves a winning strategy. To do that, we run a methodical, proven process geared to achieve the best financial and personal outcome for our client and for all stakeholders.

We focus on serving clients who have built a company and now recognize it is time to transition to the next chapter of life, whether it be retirement, new management and capital, or something else entirely.

Our sole focus is to help our clients capture the proceeds on the asset they've built and realize their personal dreams. Our Peak Valuetm Process is built to achieve that.

We typically engage at one of two stages:

  1. Exit Planning to help clients prepare for an optimal exit, or
  2. Transaction Advisory to guide the sale process.
After recently selling our company, we highly recommend Compass Advisors.
— Rob and Kimera Saunders, Western Builders Supply

Exit Planning


Assess Core Value Factors

We begin with the end in mind. That’s why we start by understanding what makes your company sustainable and valuable. We dig deep into your financial and operational position to identify, from a buyers perspective, the factors in your company that influence risk and value.

Drive Value Growth & Exit Planning

Our Exit Planning coaching focuses on making your company more attractive to buyers. We know what buyers like and which factors contribute to reaching a premium price. We consider more than 50 factors and often that involves helping entrepreneurs to:

  • Develop a sustainable management team
  • Improve financial management
  • Identify and resolve obstacles
  • Increase cash flow stability
  • Build an exit roadmap

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Valuation and Decision Point 

Answering "is now the right time to sell?" is often determined by "how much is my company worth?" and "how much will I walk away with after taxes?". Ultimately, the market determines value, but our experience in the market can give you a defensible estimate of value. Understanding the market value of your company equips you to confidently make decisions about your exit path and timing.

Transaction Advisory

Approach Market 

You’ve invested your life to build a successful company. We work diligently to help our clients reach the strongest possible return on that investment. We confidentially and selectively present our clients to the global market of buyers and to our proprietary Compass Capital Network™.

Qualify, Negotiate, Select Best Partner

After engaging with buyers, we negotiate and manage due diligence to achieve the best outcome for you. This often involves using the competitive pressure of multiple offers to reach the best deal. Our client's interests typically include: 

  • Price 
  • Net sale proceeds
  • Sale structure and terms
  • Timing
  • Post-sale involvement
  • Brand legacy
  • Employees
  • Customers

After selecting a buyer, we coordinate due diligence and closing. 

Reach Peak Value

Celebrate! All the effort is worthwhile when you reach your goals. 

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As a global provider of RFID technology, we engaged the M&A services of Compass Advisors... After our experience, we would not hesitate to recommend Compass’ services for reaching your M&A objectives.
— Harish Chandler, CEO, RightTag

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Disclaimer: This website or services from Compass Advisors does not guarantee or make any representation whatsoever that a company is salable, that a company has any value, that a company's value will increase, or that the owners will receive any offers or funds.