You've invested your life to build a company. We help you achieve the highest return on that investment.

Entrepreneurs build companies and exit companies. The exit stage of business often doesn’t receive much attention or planning, although it typically has the greatest impact on the entrepreneur's lifestyle and the future of all stakeholders.  A successful exit takes a winning strategy. 

Since our inception, we have advised on more than 150 transactions. That experience has taught us that each client and transaction is unique, but all have common threads. 

Common Situations:

  • You want to retire and pass on ownership and management responsibility.
  • You care about the future of your company and want to ensure your employees have a good future. 
  • You want to realize a liquidity event to diversify your family's wealth.
  • You've built a strong company and time is now more important than money.
  • You are burnt out and you want to move on to something else.
  • Your resources are limiting you and you need outside expertise and capital to grow. 

What We Provide: 

  • Aligned Goals. Our approach and process is run to maximize your net proceeds. We do that by incorporating a coordinated team of advisors, a strong network, and proven transaction process. 
  • Deep Network. Some of our best transactions resulted from relationships we developed with top buyers. Our network and reach extends across the country.
  • Experience and insight. Our long list of transactions has taught us a lot about getting to the finish line. We bring this insight and experience to the table to assist you in selling your company. 
  • Comprehensive management. From start to finish, we manage the transaction process and due diligence, allowing you to focus on running your company. 

There's a lot that contributes to a successful transaction. Each transaction faces questions about strategy, layers of due diligence, deal terms, negotiating strategy, and considerable time and money investment.

Our role is to help direct the entire exit process, leading to a successful outcome for you, your family, and your company. 


My goal is to...

Although selling our business was a very intense process, Compass Advisors helped set our expectations and guided us from start to finish.
— Rob and Kimera Saunders, Western Builders Supply, Inc.

Clients that have trusted Compass Advisors

We've helped over 150 clients successfully exit their companies. We are pleased to present a few below:

We owe... everyone at Compass Advisors a debt of gratitude for their courtesy, expertise, professionalism, and success.
— Sven Ahlberg, former CEO, Trakkers, LLC

Disclaimer: This website or services from Compass Advisors does not guarantee or make any representation whatsoever that a company is salable, that a company has any value, that a company's value will increase, or that the owners will receive any offers or funds.